Wednesdays from march 8 to april 5

Real life skills your parents learned the hard way.

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    Each #Adulting class is stand-alone, you can take whatever classes you'd like

  • #Citizening - march 8

    Please join Jesseca Aziz from Faith in Texas to talk about how to make your voice heard in a democracy.  She will talk about how to find out who your elected officials are, the best way to contact them, and even how to have a meeting with them.

  • #wardrobing  - march 15

    The most calls home from college concern laundry.  Here's how to shop for, repair, and wash your clothing.  Don't want your clothes to come out of the laundry a different color than they went in?  See you on March 15th.

  • #Checkbooking - march 22

    Patricia Allbee will lead us through a real-life example on how to deal with a paycheck and expenses.  All about making real decisions about your money.

  • #Taxing - march 29

    First day of that summer job.  What do you do when your boss hands you a W-4?  What is a W-4?  Beverly Thoes will take us through a real-life tax return.

  • #motoring - april 5

    What do you do when that dashboard warning light comes on?  How do you change a flat tire?  How much oil should you have in your car?  Chris Burrow will help us with that and more.