How We Serve

  • Missions

    The Missions Committee is one of the core ministries of our church that guides our membership in ways to participate in missions and ministries in our local, national, and global communities.

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  • Church & Society

    The Church and Society Committee works to activate church members pertaining to local, national, and international issues according to General Board of Church and Society policies.  Our focus areas Social Justice, Immigration, and Climate Change.

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  • columbarium

    Our Columbarium provides space for the inurnment of cremains of deceased Church members and other eligible persons in order to minister to the needs of the deceased, their family and friends. The Columbarium gives the church the ability to provide a home in God's House from baptism through life to death and allows us to remember loved ones who gave dedicated service as disciples of Christ at Arapaho United Methodist Church.  It is located in the Webb Memorial Peace Garden.  You are invited to spend time in this sacred space.  Beautiful foliage along with the tranquil presence of the water garden create a space where you can spend time remembering the saints who have gone before us or simply enjoy the beauty of this life.

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  • Labyrinth

    Our labyrinth provides a resource to deepen our spiritual lives. It offers a wonderful metaphor for our journey of life. It provides both a spiritual and a literal path upon which to walk. By following the path to the center, one can use the labyrinth to quiet the mind and find peace at the center of ones being. As Christians, we know that at the center of everything is God. It is God towards whom we journey and God who walks with us on the path. The labyrinth is meant to be walked as a form of centering, prayer, and meditation. In the process our spirits can find healing and wholeness in its sacred space. The labyrinth is a place where the sacred meets the physical.

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  • mobile ministry

    We provide transportation for church friends and family are have no transportation to and from church.  

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