church auction

The AUMC auction, annually raises money for the ministries of our church.  Per our 2017 Four Areas of Focus, the auction committee will provide a fun and festive event to create and renew relationships and also will provide funds to assist refugee families and other ministries.  There are many favorite items back for this auction, family vacation homes, Cowboy tickets, Ranger tickets plus new items such as flags flown over the US Capital and Texas State Capital, a wooden sculpture created by a chain saw and a MC/DJ kids birthday party(the DJ/MC is a young entrepreneur of AUMC)!


New and exciting events will be included on the Party Board….as a reminder the Party Board is not a bidding event, if you want to attend, sign up early and the PARTY IS ON!  Also new this year…”Select and Go”….many of the restaurants in the area support AUMC and provide gift cards to places you love to eat.  “Select and Go” is a very easy way to support the church.  It will be a board of gift cards and you will NOT need to bid, you can just purchase the gift card for 10% below value.  It is a win-win, you do not have to bid, which will give you time to meet and greet others.  If you want it you just need to be the first one to SELECT IT and it is yours!  You get a great meal at a discount and the AUMC is fully supported by the generous restaurants in the area.

  • how can you help?

    We need items,  such as services you can provide (knife sharpening, cookie baking), items you created (paintings, signed books, or jewelry) or parties you want to host (Spades or Bridge party, Kentucky Derby watch party, Cowboys watch party) are being collected through Sunday, April 23.  What can you donate to support the church you love?